गुरुवार, 21 फ़रवरी 2008

गगन-ट्रैक का बिंदास बाइकर...

एक हाथ से बाइक पर अलग तरह के स्टंट करने वाला गगन मनचंदा.

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FreeInstitute ने कहा…

Dear Shri Tarun ji,
I have read your blog. The theme you have taken is excellent. It is inspiring and encouraging to all, especially to the handicaps, spreading ray of hope among the desperate.
I make a ni-shabd prayer so that your message could spread among the masses, more and more people read it and feel encouraged and rise higher.

-- Avinash Sethi
Suneet Smriti Dharmarth Trust

. ने कहा…

hi i have read you profile . it's realy nice .